Just Arrived

On arrival you’ll be met at the airport by our volunteer liaison who will accompany you to the volunteer house.

Volunteer House

Once you get to the volunteer house you will be shown around and to your bed. You will have time to unpack, settle in and relax after your flight.


Orientation will involve introducing you to Kenya and the area you will be staying in, showing you around the local shops that you will likely use, giving you a health and safety briefing and taking you to the mall to get a sim card. You will use the Matatus to do this so you begin to get comfortable using the public transport.


After you've had a well deserved rest you will meet a member of the organization who will take you through the orientation process.

placement day

Once you have everything in order, you will be taken to your volunteer placement and introduced by one of our members.

24/7 Support

You will be given an emergency contact number and will also have the contact numbers of all the team. We will add you to a house WhatsApp group so it’s easier to communicate with other volunteers and you have their support as well.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Team

Providing 24/7 support! This is to ensure the safety and security of the so that you can feel comfortable and have a meaningful experience. Our coordinators will help you understand the country’s culture and help with your volunteer work. They will always be just a call away whenever you would like to speak to someone.

respect of volunteers

We understand that respect is two-way, therefore if we do not respect you then you cannot respect us. We rely on volunteers to help us progress with our community projects so you will be treated just as any other member of our team is.


We recognise that most of our volunteers are high school/university students or backpackers so we keep the cost of the program as affordable as possible. The starting cost for our volunteer programs is $300 which includes all your basic living requirements and a program donation, as it would not be possible to run the programs without this support.


We recognise that people feel most comfortable when they know exactly where their money is going and for this reason, we are completely transparent with the finances of the company. We offer openness and candour from the very first contact you have with us and would not be able to operate the programs without honesty.

Client Testimonials

“Wandering Aardvarks gave me an incredible opportunity to see the best of Maasai Mara. The team were very knowledgeable and I achieved everything I went to Kenya to do.”
Eria Hashimoto
“I've volunteered with many organizations before but never have I worked with such honest people who really want to make a change and help those who need it.”
Amelia Cole
“Honestly I just cant wait to get back to Kenya and work with you guys again. Ive learnt a lot from you and the placement i was working with, thanks for the memories.”
Caoimhe Gabhlain