Sport brings the people of Kenya together. It is a way to socialise and almost every youth is involved in sport. Despite there being many exceptional sports players in Kenya, their potential is not reached due to inadequate training facilities and sports equipment.

The most common sport played in Kenya is football (soccer) and rugby. The wandering aadvarks have partnered with various local teams and institutions to offer the best experience for our volunteers and to ensure that, as volunteers, you help the community by bringing people together and giving them a focus.

The Programme is dependent on the time of the year. During school time you will help teach children P.E. (physical education) when they have lessons scheduled. The soccer programme then runs from 3pm – 6pm, where you will help train the future sporting stars of Kenya. During school holidays (April, August and December), you will help to train the local teams. Volunteers get to work with varied teams so as to share their skills with as many children and youths as they can. You can also volunteer at the weekends, but this is your choice.

What will I do as a volunteer?

Help to coach young enthusiastic sports players.

Run P.E. classes at school.


Program requirements:

Sporting gear for the sport of you choose to take part in during your stay in Kenya (e.g. a football).

For volunteers doing programs like football and rugby, we highly recommend shoes that have rubber studs as most of the fields in the country are dry red soil.