Sreet Program

One of the biggest problems facing Kenyan cities is the rise in numbers of street families. Due to the high level of poverty in the country, most of these families have only the street to call home. Sadly, the highest proportion of people on the streets are children between the ages of 0-15. This is due to children leaving their families to flee domestic violence from their family members.

Ultimately, we want to take these children of the streets but at the moment they have no place to go. Therefore, the best way we can help them at the moment is to equip them with the skills they need to develop a business. We also assist with psychoeducation that will educate them on basic life skills that they sadly won’t have got from their own families. This includes, for example, educating them about drugs and alcohol so they don’t turn to them.

With the street program a volunteer has an option of sponsoring a kid through school, once we rescue a child we assign them to an orphanage where they can live and find them a school nearby where they can attend. If a volunteer decides to sponsor the child we assign a team member to do follow ups and keep the volunteer updated on the progress of the child.

New light:

New light is a mini-program where we attempt to reconnect a street kid with their family. Together with the volunteer, we track down the children’s family and attempt t reunite them. Of course, we can only do this is the child will be welcomed and wanted by their family and we know that we are not putting the child at any risk of violence or neglect once they are reunited and living under the care of their families.

Some of the children may have been rejected by their families due to disabilities or health conditions. If this is the case we would attempt to contact the families and provide them with the support and psycho-education they require to be able to look after their child.

Programme requirements:

This program requires the volunteers to be able to build a good rapport with the street children. For this reason, we ask for at least 2 weeks of your time as its unlikely that in 5 working days the children will feel comfortable enough to open up to you.