Mental health

Mental health conditions are misunderstood by many Kenyans and often miss-diagnosed. This programme aims to reach those who have no access to mental health care and to assist with mental health patients who are brave enough to ask for help at the local hospitals.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a severe problem for many Kenyans. There are many rehabilitation Centers around Kenya, however, these are either privately funded (not an option for most Kenyans) or funded by donations and for this reason are often understaffed.

Wandering Aaadvarks works with a local charitable rehabilitation Centre. Residents will usually stay at the Centre for a minimum of a year to ensure they are fully rehabilitated and able to continue with their lives without relying on drugs and alcohol.

This program is ideal for registered counselors, psychologists, mental health nurses and psychiatrists. However, even if you have no experience in mental health, you can work and learn from your colleagues around you and offer psychosocial support to mental health patients.

We also work with an out-patient hospital, where people come for mental health help. As a volunteer, you can work here, either by yourself or under supervision (depending on your experience).


What will I do?

Help run group psychological support sessions at the Rehab.

Offer individual psychological therapy to residents of the rehab.

Offer psychoeducation to residents of the rehab.

Asses and help treat mental health patients that come to the hospital.



Any qualification certificates, depending on what you want to do at the placement.