Frequently Asked Questions

You can become a volunteer with Wandering Aadvarks by initially making contact with a member of our team here. We will then discuss with you which areas you are interested in helping with and where your skills can be best used.

Volunteers are recruited by charitable organizations in order to provide a service that would otherwise not be provided due to lack of funding.

The volunteer fees cover accommodation, meals and basic utilities (water, electricity, gas). The fees also contribute to the materials (e.g. school books, sports equipment and medical supplies) necessary to run the programmes successfully.

Volunteers are people who will get involved with the community through unpaid work and don’t expect a lot in return. This is often the best way to experience and get to know and country and its people. Tourists often miss this experience, but get to see the beauty of a country. This, of course, is positive for the country that you are a tourist in but for those who wish to experience all of the country, volunteering is for you.

Yes, everyone is welcome as we recognize that every single person has value to offer to our community.

You will be using public transport in Kenya. Someone will show you how to do this and you will not have to go to placement by yourself until you are comfortable to do so.

We can cater for veggie/vegan but with the understanding that your meals may not be as varied.


You will be staying in a hostel like environment (volunteer house). This creates a fun, safe and sociable environment for all our volunteers. Your dinner, breakfast and drinking water will be provided for you and there will be a kitchen with a gas cooker for you to use whenever you like.

There will be a local Kenyan living in one of the rooms in the volunteer house that will be doing the cooking and provide you with support around the clock whenever you need it. The house itself will be located in a secure, gated premises to ensure extra safety for our volunteers.

There is free Wifi at the apartment, however we ask that you purchase a sim card to have access to the internet (whatsapp etc.) when you are not at the volunteer house so that you feel more comfortable knowing you can contact one of the team at any point. We will ensure you have an emergency contact number for one of the team. The volunteer house also has a TV (300+ channels), hot water and buckets for hand washing your clothes (A member of the team can show you the best way to do this).

30 minutes clarity call(NO PRESSURE!!)